Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Creative Space

This week things haven't quite gone to plan. Sick children, wonky Internet, and other commitments have meant my new shop isn't as up and going as I would like it to be. That said, I am proud of my self for meeting my goal of "opening" my Madeit shop on August 1. OK, I could only get one item listed on the day, but I did what I said I would do. I managed to get another one listed last night. What do they say? Slow and steady wins the race? Well, that is the philosophy I am buying in to:)

Thank you to all those who left encouraging comments last week - they really were appreciated! It was comforting to know I wasn't alone in my fears/insecurities. And despite my wonky Internet (apparently I have reached my limit this month so it is sloooow as molasses) I am glad to have taken the leap:)

Since my Internet time has been curtailed, I have had time to play around with an idea which mixes two of my favorite things: doilies and wool embroidery. Above is my first play. It's not done yet, but I am liking the idea.

I hope you are getting lots of things done in your creative space this week! See more creative spaces here. Cyndy Pin It


Michelle @ RockMYRoll said...

Good luck with your shop. I put one up a few weeks ago with high hopes but limited actual sucess...oh well dems the breaks.

dash robin said...

beautiful embroidery, I really love this and it stood out to me from all the other piccys on the creative space site,pretty, botanical and unique. Good luck with your online store, they are a great way to promote your suggestion is to try and get some of your lovely work into bricks and mortar stores as this has always been more successful for me, xo, best wishes!

Creative Wishes said...

Congratulations with your Made It shop. I have had mine for a year and started off really slow. Now it is going much better and I am so glad I stuck to it.

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