Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Creative Space

The creative process is an interesting one, and probably different for everyone. As I prepare for an upcoming market I am reminded of my creative strengths and weaknesses. I love creating new things, and I am excited that others will be able to see them soon. I am not so good, however, with the repetitive processes required to create more than one of something.

This week I have been working on more Australian biscuit and cake felt food sets. I have decided to focus on making multiples of one biscuit at a time. That means cutting, embroidering, sewing and stuffing the same biscuit or cake, over and over and over. Not sure this is really working for me. How do you handle repetitive creative tasks?

Hope you are getting lots of things done in your creative space, whether they are one offs or repetitive tasks:) And be sure to visit My Creative Space to see what others have been up to this week. Cyndy Pin It

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Creative Space

Still making pin cushions (among other things). I have been trying to vary the Australian native flowers I use, but I do think some look better (and honestly are more recognizable) than others.

Here are two more finished pin cushions (wattle and eremaea) and two more embroidered (swan river daisies and another red bottle brush).

I have two more pinned for sewing (yellow bottle brush and geraldton wax flower)  and two more on the hoop (another wattle and heath). I would also like to do a flannel flower. Phew:)

Hope you are having a productive and creative week. For more inspiration be sure to check out My Creative Space. Cyndy Pin It
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