Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Creative Space

Lots of secret Christmas swap action going on this week, but I'm not quite ready to post about it, so I thought I would share what I was up to last week (while getting ready for my last market of the year when didn't have time to post:)

Now you are probably thinking, it must have been something for the market, but it wasn't that kind of crafting. Earlier this month was the market day and art show at my children's school and I was one of the organizers. It's an event that can't be successful without all the lovely handmade and vintage stallholders who participate, so we always do a thank you from the students.

In the past we have gotten blank cards printed using the children's art, but as it turns out we used them all up last year, so I came up with a very quick and simple idea for thank you cards. I got my hands on some unclaimed paintings/pictures from the art room, cut them up, glued them on black card and glued white card on the back for the children to write on.

See I said it was simple! Voila, thank you cards:)

We have received numerous comments from the market stall holders about the cards, how lovely and how thoughtful to even say thank you (doesn't everyone say thank you?) One stall holder even called the school to say how lovely their card was:)

This would be such a simple idea to apply to your own children's art. As littlest is in kinder she brings home a never ending supply of art projects. This would be another great way to use some of them:)

Hope there is lots going on in your space this week, maybe even secret Christmas stuff:) To see what others have been up to be sure to visit My Creative Space. Cyndy Pin It

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Creative Space

This week I've been working on additional stock for my last market of the year (Piccadilly Market, November 25th, Geelong Waterfront). I like to have something new on the stall for each market. I certainly have enough ideas in my head, just wish I had enough time!

I experimented earlier this year with using remanents from tea towels (I use them to make cushion covers) to make a few things, including zipper pouches and passport holders. I love how they turned out, so when I was accepted for Piccadilly Market, I decided they would be one of the new things I would have available on my stall.

Only one more week to go. Then I've got some serious Christmas crafting to do!

Hope you are getting lots done in your creative space this week. To see what others have been up to be sure to visit My Creative Space. Cyndy

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, November 12, 2012

To Market To Market

One market down and one to go! This weekend I had a stall at the Ashby Primary School Market Day. This one is a bit special for me, as it's my children's school and not only did I have a stall, but I was one of the organisers:)

The market included indoor and outdoor stalls featuring handmade, vintage and eco-friendly goods, food, activities and the student art show. We were blessed with fabulous weather and it seems by all accounts (stall holders and patrons) it was a wonderful day.

The school didn't do to bad either, we raised about $1,000 more than last year despite shortening the event by an hour. The proceeds will help support the school's music and visual arts programs, both of which are fantastic. We are a lucky little school!

Despite having another market in two weeks (Piccadilly's Market, Sunday November 25th, Geelong Waterfront) I feel I can take a bit of a breather - only some stock to finish up. No worrying about volunteers, flyers, supplies etc....hooray! Cyndy Pin It
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