Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Creative Space - Jam Drop Biscuit

Have I mentioned I love working with felt (as exemplified by here and here)? Over the weekend I decided to add a new felt biscuit to my collection that Australian home baked favourite, the jam drop. So I made one, then a second, then a third and finally a fourth, but of the miniature kind:)

Yes, I couldn't resist adding it to both my felt play food collection and my growing felt biscuit brooch collection. Do you think there is a way I could wear all four at the same time?

Hope you got a chance to work on something new this week. Be sure to visit My Creative Space for more inspiration. Cyndy Pin It

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fabric Stash: Koala (Bear)

In the last two weeks I have been on a bit of a binge. No not food, fabric! I am always looking for Australian themed fabric to use in my projects (all part of my Australian obssession:). I don't often find such fabrics in shops, instead the internet is my friend and for some reason over the last week or so, I have come accross five different koala (bear) fabrics that I needed to have for my stash.

The first two seem to be cotton poly blends. Not my favourite fabric to work with (I don't really like the feel) but on the plus side they don't wrinkle much:) Plus how could I resist this little beach koala?

The other three are all cotton flannel. Love the feel of flannel, and the koalas on these three are so sweet:) I've been thinking about making some rattle balls (for babies) and think this flannel would be perfect mixed with other fabrics.

And these are just the five koala themed fabrics I found this week - can you imagine what else is in my stash after years of collecting? Cyndy Pin It

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Creative Space - Iced Vo Vo Brooch

I love getting new ideas. Last Friday littlest and I were having coffee with a friend. My friend noted how she loved my felt food, but how her were children were already too old for them. She then commented on how I should have a "big girl" version.

And with that little comment she got me thinking about my felt food a little differently. How could I take what I do and make it "big girl?" And it hit me, a felt brooch. So Friday night after the kids fell asleep I stayed up late making a "big girl" version of my felt Iced Vo Vo - as a brooch!

Wish all new ideas were so easy and came to fruition so quickly - I hope you are getting lots of new ideas in your creative space:) To be inspired by others  this week be sure to visit My Creative Space  at its new home on Village Voices on Kidspot. Cyndy Pin It

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Little Moment: Happy Mother's Day

Moms are amazing. My mom is amazing. Despite being on the other side of the world from me, I know she would do anything for me. I know that she still hopes and dreams for me, and sometimes even cries for me.

Hoping I can be the same kind of mom for my children. Happy Mother's Day mom! Cyndy

PS This pic of my family sits on the mantle in our living room - I am the little girl on the right:)
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