Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Positive Influence of Masterchef

(image of the recipe Emily's veal ragout with soft polenta)

We have just finished watching the 3rd season of Masterchef, the competition for home chefs (Go Kate!). Watching is a family affair for us. We have also watched the celebrity (could go without) and Junior (love) versions of the show. While many people can talk about the negative impacts of TV, this is a show/franchise that has had a positive impact on our family.

Since watching the shows (especially the Junior version) my son (age 10) has become much more interested in cooking and often wants to help or asks me questions about how I make things (unfortunately he has also commented on how some of the Junior Masterchef contestants were more sophisticated cooks than me:)

For Christmas I got him the Junior Masterchef Cookbook and for his birthday last month I got him a Masterchef apron and second cook book. Every couple of weeks he picks out a recipe from the books he wants to make. Some of the recipes we have made multiple times because, well, they are that good!

His interest has been helped along by the fact that his Grade 4 class cooks once a week (our school just got a classroom kitchen, which is fabulous, although his class had been cooking before then, even if it meant on a electric fry pan in the classroom). He now wears his Masterchef apron each Thursday with pride.

Now, I don't think my son will be the world's greatest chef because he watched the show, but his eyes have been opened to new foods (he has even asked to make tomato and eggplant gnocchi even though he's not a big veggie fan and didn't even know what gnocchi was and then ate it because he made it), new activities and even new aspirations (his class is planning to do a Masterchef like competition and he is planning to making a yogurt and cherry panacotta:) So thank you Masterchef for opening his eyes, mind and stomach:) Cyndy

Ps we can't wait to see the next season of Junior Masterchef! Pin It

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Calico Child said...

Thats fantastic it's so great when TV shows inspire people I am all for kids learning to cook just the basic's is a great start I by the sounds of things your son is doing great good luck in the school comp hope you let us know how he goes happy cooking x

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