Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 20 Blogtoberfest - Toy Heaven

Saturday was the annual Toy Library Toy Sale. The toy library sells your toys and takes a commission. Lots of toys at bargain prices. It's like going to an op shop full of toys. My children love this sale and look forward to it every year, both as sellers and as buyers (they are allowed to keep the proceeds from any of their toys that sell, it's a great incentive to get rid of toys:).

I joined my local toy library after my youngest was born. If your not familiar with the concept, think traditional library, but with children's toys instead of books. If you have a toy library in your community I highly recommend becoming a member and if you don't have one, think about starting one. My children look forward to going regularly (even the big kids like to go every once in a while:). And who could blame them, what's not to like about new toys to play with:) Cyndy Pin It

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Trudy said...

Hi Cyndy : -)
Just found your blog through Blogtoberfest [I had this crazy notion to visit every participant, but so far I've popped into 41!!] Toy Libraries are a fabulous idea, nothing in our area, so we're planning a garage sale to purge ourselves of a growing number of toys!! Cheers, Trudy

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