Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 Blogtoberfest - What's rolling around in my head

Some project ideas I get move easily from vision to reality, while others roll around and around in my head, or take multiple attempts before I am satisfied with the outcome.

I've been playing around recently with two felt food ideas, that still aren't quite where I want them to be. One is pavlova. It was one of the first felt food items I made and sold when I opened my Madeit shop, but I haven't made one since. I like how it turned out, but there is something about the design that doesn't feel quite right to me.

Pavlova (aside from the fruit) has texture and the first version I made ignored this. So I have been playing with ways to create the swirls of the meringue and cream. I have also been playing with the idea of individual pavlovas.

The other is Vegemite on saladas (saladas are saltines or a square cracker if your not Australian:). Saladas are easy shape wise, but they are mottled in colour. I've been experimenting with tea dying and think this might be the answer, but haven't quite achieved the affect I want yet. And then there is the Vegemite. I thought about using "puffy"paint or dimensional paint and spreading it with a real knife. I've also looked at the idea of creating "worms" (for non Australians you put Vegemite (or Vegemite and and butter) between two saladas and press so that "worms" squeeze out of the holes in the saladas). But how to create the "worms?" Yarn or multiple strands of embroidery thread?

OK, I might not have the answers yet for my pavlova or saladas and Vegemite, but don't worry I am not giving up. I just need to let them roll around a little longer in my head and try a few more ideas:) Cyndy Pin It

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