Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 12, 13, 14, 15 Blogtoberfest - Falling off the Wagon

OK, I knew it would happen at some point. You guessed it, I fell off the Blogtoberfest wagon. And I was doing so well; eleven posts in eleven days, that's the most posts by me ever in a month!

The wagon falling began on day 12 (Friday).  I thought I could catch up on day 13 (Saturday), but by then it was day 14 (Sunday) and now, well now it's day 15 (Monday).

So like anyone who falls off the wagon, I am acknowledging that I fell off and getting back on. Do I have a good reason for falling off? Not really, just choices about how to spend my time over the last couple of days. I spent Friday dealing with two crisis:

1) getting new tires. I got a flat tire earlier in the week, so I needed to replace it, but I really needed to replace all 4 tires, I had just been avoiding it due to the cost.

2) getting a new TV. Our very old pre-flat screen era TV (yes, it really is as deep as it is wide) finally went kapooey on Thursday morning, I could only take the silence for 36 hours. Yes, I am weak:)

I spent Saturday and Sunday preparing for several upcoming events: the toy sale for our local toy library (getting rid of unneeded toys), the local baby and children's market (getting rid of unneeded baby stuff, since the baby is now 4 years old) and two craft markets in November (making new stock).

And that's real life. Falling off the wagon and getting back on:) Cyndy Pin It


Claire said...

Ouch!! .........its been an expensive couple of days for you.
No wonder blogging took a back seat to more important things.
Tyres, I know the feeling, but it can't be avoided. The TV, I wouldn't have lasted as long!!
Mind you if I watched less TV and surfed the net less, my garden would be weed free and my sewing room would be sorted and the windows cleaned and and and......
All the best for the upcoming markets.

Claire :}

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Thank you for showing up and sharing the ups and downs of your daily life, Cyndy. I love it when bloggers keep it real.
You are always welcome to jump in and out of Blogtoberfest12 as life permits.

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