Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Creative Space - Doll Clothes

If you have been reading for a while you may recall in August I wrote about the doll I planned to make for my littlest for Christmas this year. I finally cut the doll pieces out a couple of weeks ago, but have yet to start sewing them together. I figure I need to do that when littlest isn't around if I want to keep it a surprise:)

I have also started to cut out some of the clothes for the doll. I've decided to go with a palette of pinks, as this is her favorite colour right now, and make some coordinated  tops, skirts, dresses and pants. While I sew a lot without patterns and directions, I am using a pattern for these (they came with the doll pattern) and actually finding it a bit difficult! Not sure if it is me or the pattern directions. It could also be the small size, as I find this changes how you can work with and even conceptualize the material. I was thinking I might be able to sew them while she is around as I can probably fudge what they are with her. Or, maybe since I am finding them a little difficult I need to be sewing them when the littlest isn't around so I can concentrate:)

Either way, I hope you are getting lots done in your creative space this week! For more creative spaces you can visit here. Cyndy Pin It


Taylor Made said...

It's really hard to craft in secret for those who live in the same house. Love the colours you have chosen.

Kristine said...

This looks great. Love the fabrics you have chosen. And anything pink is sure to be a winner. I too am planning a doll with her own wardrobe for my two year old for Christmas. Actually I need to get a move on, as so far she only has one outfit. Good luck with your secret sewing.

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