Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Creative Space

Even though I should be focusing on a specific craft project (like Christmas presents) sometimes I get distracted by an idea that I decide I need to try. Recently, I embroidered words on some needlework. It looked awful, so I unpicked it.

I had done the words freehand. But after seeing my results, I thought there has to be a better way. Sure enough a better way occurred to me so I decided I needed to try it out - now. As it was an idea that I hadn't tested and I have other projects I should be working on (like Christmas presents) you would think I would try it with something simple. Not my style, because I decided to go all out and do an entire multi sentence quote complete with a picture (from Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding)!

You will be glad to know that my idea worked:) My words looked so much better. What did I do to embroider the words? I simply printed the words in a font that I liked on paper (make sure to print them in a colour other than the colour you plan to embroider them in) and affixed the paper to the fabric I was using. I then embroidered on the paper/fabric and pulled the paper off when I was finished.

So now that I know it works, its time to get back to the projects I really need to get done (Christmas presents:).

Hope you are not too distracted in your creative space this week. For more creative spaces you can visit here. Cyndy Pin It


Roslyn said...

Thanks for that little trip down memory lane (that book was a big part of my childhood!) Love the embroidery!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Ha ha, I am the same, when I have to try some thing, it has to be then and there, can't wait.
Your embroidered words look great too :)

CurlyPops said...

Wow it looks beautiful Cyndy

Martta said...

Clever! I always get distracted with new ideas and experiments and I have a cupboard full of half finished experiments. Some that worked and others that didn't! I found The Magic Pudding from my local op-shop when I was pregnant after my friend's children introduced me to the story. I don't know much about Australian children's literature, but I'm sure I'll have fun discovering new (old) stories with my bub. Happy Christmas crafting!

lamina @ do a bit said...

The words look fab! I always get distracted by something new I want to do... but for the moment I have my workers bee hat on pulled over my eyes so there is no distraction... unfortunatly it doesn't stop my brain from wondering off!!! ha ha ha

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