Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A New Needed Prop

If you have stopped by before you probably know I am an avid op shopper. I love finding things I need, like a bathing suit for middle or a casserole dish to replace one I have broken. I also love finding things I don't need, like this lovely tea cup.

Why don't I need it? Well, I don't drink tea. I know, I know, I have never liked tea. I think it's because I associate it with being sick (when I was a child my mum always gave me tea with honey when I was sick). Second of all, it's an orphan. No saucer, no other cups. Just a lonely little cup.

Turns out though, I was wrong about not needing it. I decided to take new picturesof my felt biscuit brooches for my Etsy shop  and the tea cup was the perfect prop, don't you think?:) Cyndy

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1 comment:

Claire said...

tea drinker or not, that cup was just too sweet to leave behind. Love the brooch too, it looks totally yummy.....

CLaire :}

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