Friday, February 8, 2013

My Creative Space

A couple of weeks ago an item from my Madeit shop was featured in one of the weekly newsletters. Later that day I received an email from a friend asking, "is that you"?!? The exchange ended up with her asking me to make custom gifts for friends overseas who had just had new babies.

She loved my bibs, but wanted a little more, so I shared with her a jingle ball I had made as a personal gift for a friend. And so the baby bib and ball gift set was born (trying saying that three times fast:)

Yesterday I dropped off the finished sets; one using a vintage blue flannel with little koalas and the other using the Melbourne travel icon print (both babies are boys). I love how they came out!

And I love how someone seeing what I do resulted in me making something new. Thinking I might make a few of these sets for the shop, what do you think?

Hope your coming up with new stuff in your creative space. Visit Creative Spaces for more inspiration this week. Cyndy Pin It

1 comment:

Judith said...

I think they are brilliant! Nothing like this around, so well worth popping into the shop and seeing the response...J

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