Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Creative Space...

I have enjoyed visiting your creative spaces and now finally have a blog of my own, so thought I would play along:)

I have been trying to actualize my vision for a mermaid tail as requested by my youngest daughter (age 3) for her birthday. The first hurdle was color. Initially, she requested a pink tail. Hmm... Luckily, the fickleness of being a toddler prevailed and blue became the color of choice:)

So blue it was and in search of fabrics we went. I ended up choosing a couple of different colors of tulle, including one that had sparkles on it to use for the scales and some poly cotton and lining fabrics to use as the base in blues and greens.

I am pleased with the progress to date, but now I am on to the trickier part of how she will be able to wear the tail. I think I have an vision for it. I am keeping my fingers crossed, as the project needs to be completed ASAP. Wish me luck - I will post pictures when it's all finished:)

For more creative spaces you can visit here. Cyndy

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Kylie said...

Is this your first time then? Welcome! Your mermaid tail looks fabulous - the colour is so stunning. Good luck with making :) Kx

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