Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last Minute Easter Crafts with the Children

With Easter only days away and the children still on school holidays yesterday we did a couple of Easter crafts, including decorating Easter eggs. Decorating eggs is a tradition in my family. I can remember my mom carefully blowing out eggs instead of cracking them in the weeks leading up to Easter and making a stockpot full of boiled eggs for us to decorate. My mom would cover the kitchen table with newspapers and make bowls of dye using hot water, vinegar and food coloring. We would use a variety of methods to decorate our eggs, including wax, crayons, string, and rubber bands. The blown out eggs would be used to adorn our Easter egg tree (a branch from a tree in our yard) and the boiled eggs would be used in our Hungarian Easter food (this is a cold dish of meats, hard boiled eggs and homemade cheese).

Getting white/light colored eggs is difficult here, so only about two dozen eggs for us to decorate. The kids tried using rubber bands, but found them a little hard to keep on the eggs. They seemed to favor using crayons (before dying) and using markers and stencils (after the dying). I made punches out of masking tape to make my eggs (for our Easter egg tree)

My middle daughter (age 7) also tried her hand at making a couple of "spool" bunnies from a printable we found here. After cutting them out and gluing them together, she added some cotton wool to their fronts and tails. She also decided they needed a home so she created this little woodland setting for them.

Hope you have a happy Easter! Cyndy Pin It

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