Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sewing Basket

My middle child (age 7) loves to make. She's never been a dolly girl or barbie girl. When people ask me what they can get her, I invariably say "something crafty." Over the last year she has started to become interested in sewing. I thought about making her a sewing basket/kit at Christmas, but just couldn't get it together in time, so I decided I would make it for her birthday. I am pleased to say I have managed to actually do it and just in time- tomorrow's her birthday!

The theme I chose was mushrooms. I was thinking the red with white polka dot variety and found this really cute fabric. I added some cooridnating dot fabric. Then I remembered I had this riboon that I got from Ribbons Galore.

I found a wooden box at a local art store that seemed the right size. I put batting on the lid and covered the lid and the rest of the box with the fabrics. I lined the inside of the box with cooridinating felt. I used the ribbon on the lid and to embellish pockets I sewed into the inside of the lid.

In addition to the actual sewing basket, I made a mushroom pin cushion and needle case using some of the main fabrics, as well as some coordinating scraps and felt.

I found the pattern for the pin cushion here. (There are three different patterns, I made the small button cap with small stem).

There are other bits and bobs in the basket/kit: a seam ripper, scissors, thread, tape measure, etc... I hope she likes it - if not I will be happy to keep it for myself!

Cyndy Pin It

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Melissa said...

I love the little mushroom pin cushion. Very cute.

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