Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Creative Space

I am not feeling I have much to show for my crafting time this week. It started well. On Sunday morning I managed to complete two accessories for littlest's dollhouse: a mattress and pillow for the bed and a potted plant for one of the rooms.

But since then its been all downhill. I tried to steal some time while I was waiting for littlest at swimming and middle at ballet on Monday, but you can only get so much done in 30 minutes:)

I had high hopes for our extra day off (ANZAC day). I thought it would give me time to complete the flooring and wallpaper in the dollhouse bathroom and bedroom. Unfortunately, I made some miscalculations in cutting, so I won't be able to finish until I get some more scrapbooking paper:(

I hope you have more to show for your crafting time this week than me:) To be inspired or to see what others have been up to you can visit Our Creative Spaces. Cyndy Pin It


Max said...

dollhousing is the biggest time suck there is. that said i think what you've produced is fantastic, the matress is perfection and the little potted plant-how did you do that? it looks ace!

BigLittle said...

The little doll's bed is gorgeous|! Lisa xx

Bron said...

All good things come along slowly I will be so pleased with the finish because you took so much care. It looks tricky working on such a small scale. x

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