Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Creative Space - The Dollhouse Continued

The children went back to kinder and school this week, so I finally got a chance to do some real work on the dollhouse I put together last week. I wish I could report the dollhouse is done, but while small in size, it is not small in project!

I managed to paint the outside and inside of the house on Monday - it seemed to take forever! I used a paint brush and a small size roller (I didn't want to see lots of brush strokes). The outside was relatively easy, but the inside...all those nooks and crannies and windows.

Initially I planned to use acrylic craft paint, but I ended up using real house/wall paint. I picked a cream colour for the outside and a white colour for the inside from the returned paint trolley at the home improvement store. I figured real house paint would provide the best coverage, and I was right - only one coat was required!

Tuesday I put in the kitchen "wallpaper" and "flooring" and yesterday (Wednesday) the lounge room "wallpaper" and "flooring." I say wallpaper and flooring in quotes because it's scrap booking paper. Since conceiving this project before Christmas I have been on the look out for scrap booking paper that I thought might work for these purposes.  I love the red vibe in the kitchen and the modern look in the lounge room.

And let me warn you, if you think wallpapering a real wall is difficult, imagine trying to wallpaper a dollhouse wall. Yes, more difficult. Again, all those nooks and crannies and windows!

And so by the end of yesterday, littlest's birthday, I had painted an outside and inside base coat and put in the wallpaper and flooring in two rooms. Yes, definitely a "we will need to finish it after I give it to you" gift:) I put the dollhouse and a few items I have collected so far on the kitchen table for when she came home. And bless her heart, despite its state of incompleteness she LOVED it:) She even told me I was the best mom ever:)

So stay tuned for more installments as there are additional rooms to complete:) I have also been working on making a few items for use in the house. To be inspired or to see what others have been up to this week be sure to visit Our Creative Space. Cyndy
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Jen said...

oh I want to do this one day!!
I especially like the wall papers you used :)

I never had a dolls house growing up and Ive had a fascination in this sort of thing ever since

maybe one day

Max said...

OMG you've done such a neat job, wallpapering a dolly house is a nightmare (all my rooms were patched up in at least one place due to miscalculations!!!) I think it's so lovely you and your wee one will be working on it together x

Unknown said...

It looks lovely. I would like to make a doll-house for my little girl one day.

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