Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Op Shop Finds: Vintage Cot Sheets and Pillowslips

On the way to a play date for littlest recently we stopped at one of my favourite op shops. As we pulled up to the oppy I saw what looked like a wooden doll swing sitting outside. My heart skipped a little beat. I got littlest out of the car and started heading across the parking lot and saw what every op shopper hates - someone else picking up the item you have spied! I tried to act nonchalant and to look at some of the other items sitting outside, all the while hoping the other shopper would walk away from the doll swing. But they didn't. Instead they took it inside and purchased it:(

Devastated, littlest and I went into the shop. I wasn't finding much and then I saw it. I couldn't even see the whole thing, but I knew it was a find. I pulled it out from the pile, a vintage embroidered cot sheet. I quickly sorted through the entire pile and found one more cot sheet (same as the first) and two different cot pillowslips.

The photos don't do them justice. The embroidery is so sweet!

Since we don't actually have a cot anymore, I might make pillow cases for littlest and middle from the cot sheets. Or maybe I will just look at them for a little longer:) Cyndy
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