Friday, March 22, 2013

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns

Where has the month of March gone?! Only one week left of term one for the children, and next weekend is Easter, I can hardly believe it!

While Easter conjures up thoughts of rabbits and eggs and chocolate it also means hot cross buns in our part of the world. I like the traditional ones with fruit. The children, of course, love the chocolate ones.

In my quest to make felt food with an Australian twist I decided to give hot cross buns a try. I also used this as a chance to test some new felt (100% wool from the lovely Plushka).

What do you think? Good enough to eat? Cyndy
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Unknown said...

They look great, perfect for an Easter display with some fabric eggs!

Zara said...

The little hot cross bun is so realistic. Well done.

Bron said...

oooh yes good enough to nibble on. xxx

Claire said...

Hey Cyndy, love your hot cross looks brilliant.
Looks like good quality felt too...

Claire ;]

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