Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Creative Space - Weet-Bix

Next weekend I will be doing my first market of the year. I have decided 4 markets in a year is probably the most I can handle, both in terms of making stock and balancing all the other activities in my life:)

This week I have been working on finishing up some more of my felt food for the market. Tim Tams, Iced Vo Vos, Hundred and Thousands yes, but I have also been working on finishing up a design I started last year, when I was feeling guilty that all my felt food was of the sweet kind. Surely there had to be some good for you foods that are unique to Australia, right? Well, one of the ones I decided to give a go was Weet-Bix. Yes, you heard right felt Weet-Bix.

If you have visited before you know I do a lot of research on my felt foods. That means I use the real thing as my model (it's a hard life looking at a plate of Tim Tams:). We are not a Weet-Bix family (its NutraGrain in our house) so I did have to buy a package of Weet-Bix.

In examining the Weet-Bix I decided the key element in creating a felt version of Weet-Bix is creating the feeling of texture; to create the look of all those flakes squished together. It took me more than one try, but I am actually quite chuffed with how it finally turned out. I have also added some banana slices for a bit more colour. I may also throw in a few strawberry slices for more colour.

Who thought someone could write a whole post on felt Weet-Bix? Anyway, this will be available via special order from my Madeit shop after next week, and at the Artefact Market in Geelong, March 16th:)

Hope you are getting lots done in your creative space. To see what other have been up to you can visit Our Creative Spaces:) Cyndy Pin It


Danna Saunders said...

What an awesome creation! Thanks for sharing. My son has some felt food and he loves "cooking" and feeding everyone. (He's 3.)

tartankiwi said...

Ok... so I've got to say... these are AWESOME!!! They gave me a little chuckle but they look good enough to eat.

Judith said...

Love following along on your blog...I have just nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award - passing it onto other Aussie creative people...congratulations!!!

Bron said...

Just been checking in....your biscuits are so are so clever and patient.

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