Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Op Shop Find - Vintage Embroidered Linens

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would have seen a peek of my latest op shop finds - beautiful vintage embroidered linens! I love vintage linens of all kinds, doilies, tableclothes, tea towels, hankerchiefs, pillow cases, sheets etc... Depending on their condition they can fabulous on their own, or they can be re-purposed to create something else.

I saw one of these gorgeous luncheon napkins (there were four total) and fell in love. They are so sweet and delicate looking. Littlest wants a princess party later this year for her birthday with a few of her friends and I am thinking these would be perfect at a princess tea party:)

I also found this gorgeous cross stitch table cloth. It's the standard square tablecloth size (52 inches). This rose motif is in each corner with a fuller version in the center. It was marked $3.99 but I only paid a $1 for it! Can you believe it? Clearly a great deal of time and care went into making it. It's in lovely condition so I could use it on its own, or maybe someday as part of a quilt?

And then there was this little hankerchief with a basket of flowers in the corner. My first thought was to make a dress for Miss Polly (the doll I made for littlest for Christmas this year) from it.

Oh the possibilities, now just to find the time:) Cyndy Pin It

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