Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Creative Space - Bunting Swap

My bunting for the bunting swap hosted by Squiggly Rainbow is finally on its way here and overseas! With all my focus on market preparation I am sorry to say this project got away from me, but I managed to finally finish it earlier this week. So if you are still waiting to get one it could be from me - mea culpa:)

For some reason this project was way harder than it should have been. No, not sewing the bunting, but coming up with the actual bunting design. I knew I wanted to share a little Australiana, but what?

And then the wattle tree across the street inspired me. I have some lovely wattle cotton fabric that has just been waiting to be used. I initially toyed with the idea of embellishing each bunting with wattle embroidery, but it became clear that would require a little more time than I had at my disposal. Instead, I went with pairing the fabric with two of my all time favs gingham and ric rack.

So here they all are before I sent them out. Simple, but I like them. I even made one for myself, as I am planning to make a bunting from all the ones I get in the swap. Not very original I know, but fun to have all that handmade love from so many people in one place:)

Here's hoping you are not as far behind in your creative space as I am in mine! For more lovely spaces you can visit here. Cyndy Pin It


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Gorgeous bunting! The ric-rac is perfect.

Creative Wishes said...

I have a wattle in Flower out my window too. the fabric is lovely.

Lea said...

Oh thank you SO much! I received my lovely piece of bunt today and am thrilled. Such a fun swap:)Leax

Little Gumnut said...

Thank you for my lovely bunt! Its gorgeous!! Sophie

Leah said...

Thank you for my bunting. I've now sewn my flags together and I like them very much x

Leah @ SewToBed

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