Monday, June 25, 2012

Op Shop Finds - A Lesson in Looking Up

This week I was in one of my favourite op shops, looking through the shelves and about to walk away, when I looked up. And there, all by itself on the top of the shelves sat this Weet-Bix tin. Yep, I gave a little yelp out loud and grabbed it! It's not old, old (from the early 1990's I think) but I love it. You may remember my felt Weet-Bix? Yes, I will need to do a new photo shoot using this as a prop:)

On the same shelves (eye level) I found this black tole tray. I collect tole trays of all sizes and shapes so this will be  lovely addition.

And what would a trip to the op shop be without a few book? I found this hard cover Enid Blyton classic from the 1970s. It's a little worse for the wear but I had to have it. I also found the little cowboy book printed in 1967. My oldest is past the cowboy stage at age 10, but I am sure there will be some little cowboys somewhere in my future:)

To see more fun finds from the last week be sure to visit Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures. Happy Op Shopping! Cyndy Pin It


Jennie said...

Loving the Weetbix tin!!!
Thats how I found my op shop find this week - by looking up high!x

Claire said...

Now that Weet bix tin is familiar and I had to check my pantry to see where it was........hmmm, not there!!
Oh, that's right it's in the laundry cupboard, phew.
Tis a great little tin.
More fab finds at the op shop, love those books. I can't resist the charm of vintage childrens books.

Claire :}

Meaghan said...

The Weet-bix tin was a promotional item from about 5/6 years ago. Still looks awesome though!

I'm missing that Enid Blyton book in my collection. They are getting harder and harder to find.

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